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How does this relate to spiritual development and spiritual growth?

Why does God allow people to Suffer

How does this relate to spiritual development and spiritual growth? Because I think its important we have a correct perspective on life as we go through it and not give away our own power of being able to create and make change.

This is actually something I hear quite a lot (why does ‘God’ not stop people from suffering). Normally, it comes from the side of people who do not believe in ‘God’ and pose this question to the believers, who unfortunately, many times do not have an answer for it, or at least an answer that isn’t based around God knowing whats best or working in mysterious ways or something similar (which, to non-believers is just not going to cut it), and I have heard many believers wonder the same thing sometimes too.

This post is in no way to ridicule believers in anyway, shape or form. I promise that.

I believe the answer to ‘Why does ‘God’ not stop people from suffering’ is quite a simple one.

Quickly before we talk about this, you’ll notice whenever I say ‘God’ I put quote marks around it, and this is because so many people have so many ideas of what ‘God’ is that here on this site we do not want to get into debates about this god vs that god etc. Instead, we just want to try and bring things down their simplest understanding, a way that everyone can participate in and be open to, whether you believe in ‘God’ or not.


So, ‘Why Does ‘God’ Not Stop People From Suffering’ 

Answer: Everybody on this planet has free will. Free will to create his or her situations the way they see fit. This is not just limited to individuals though, we all together exercise a collective will, whether we are conscious of this or not.

Through our thoughts, words and actions, we have the capabilities to eradicate suffering on this planet, we truly do. We also have the power to be selfish and care for only those close to us, or even just ourselves, regardless of what happens to others. This, quite clearly, creates disharmony in the world and can cause millions of people to suffer while a few live well… but this is a choice we have.

Look at the distribution of wealth today, I believe the stat is something like the 1% richest in the world have more than the remaining 99%? Something like this.

If we were to all come together and exercise our free will for the greater good, which we all can do at any time (including the 1%) and focus on creating sustainable, fair, loving progressive communities that had some focus on spiritual development and spiritual growth, all over the globe, suffering would be eradicated. Gone.

So it is us that creates these situations we have in the world, not ‘God’.


Natural Disasters and Other Uncontrollable SITUATIONS

Now, of course, there are natural disasters and other such things that happen on this planet that may not be under our direct control in the same way.

This is just part and parcel of living in a dualistic, physical world and on this planet, its the laws of the nature we live in. We have to remember that this planet was not placed here and all these conditions created for US. The universe evolved the way it did, and because it just so happens that certain conditions were in place, and this planet came together in the way it did and functions the way it does, this life as we know it was able to form.

So, in that sense, we are just a product of our environment, and so we must adapt and live within this the best way we can. This is not suffering though.


Pain vs Suffering

There should be a distinction made between pain and suffering. Pain is something that happens in the body, generally as an alert to you that something is wrong or that you need to take an action. For example, you put your finger in a fire, that pain will trigger a reflex to get you to pull your finger out, its a survival mechanism. In the same way, pain inside your body is telling you there is an issue, either stop what you are doing or do something to fix it.

Suffering is more of a psychological game. Pain can affect you, but the way you view it or the way you view terrible things that have happened around you causes suffering. A prime example of this, some people who may live in, what many would class, horrible conditions and do not have much to their name, are very happy! Then you have some who look to have everything, and are sad and unhappy. There may be no physical pain present, but they are suffering due to their perception of events and situations.

So I think its important we keep that distinction.


Our Physical Environment

This physical environment we live in is dualistic in nature, relative to other things. We cannot know hot without knowing cold. We cannot know pleasure without knowing pain. We cannot know high without knowing low. Why? Because if just one existed, that would be all we know, and we wouldn’t call it ‘high’ for example, it would just be what it was, one place, one state. Where in this reality we have extremes of states. Like hot and cold are the same thing, temperature, but just the two (dual) extremes of it. High and low are the extremes of the same thing (height).

The reason there is distance and time is because there are opposites/or these extremes. There is space between things that can be measured and codified. Left and right, Up and Down and so on and so forth. This is just our reality.

As well as this being our reality, the natural forces at play are just apart of that as well. Such as earthquakes from when tectonic plates move, the earths crust moves too, and when these things happen they create effects we see and feel.

This is just the world acting how it always has done, even before we were here. Its not ‘God’ causing suffering or making these things happen, its just part of our reality.


Back to Suffering

So, again, once we have separated pain and suffering, pain happens to be part of existence for certain reasons, but suffering does not have to be (even pain can be reduced a lot in so many ways). Through our collective actions we can do ALOT in bringing love, happiness, joy, peace and prosperity to every single being on this planet.

It is not ‘God’ deciding what happens to us, it is us ourselves creating it in every day and every second of our lives. Our singular and collective consciousness.

This is why it all relates to spiritual development and spiritual growth, because once we begin to open up this space within us, our outward actions are much more conscious, careful and inclusive of others.

I get this may be very controversial for some, and I welcome all comments. I think it is always good to discuss these things, so please do comment below.

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Thanks for reading!


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