So, What is Spiritual Dev All About?

Spiritual Dev Website Intro
First and foremost, welcome to the Spiritual Dev site. Thanks for coming over to check out our first post!

This site will be dedicated to talking about a range of subjects all based around the core idea that spiritual development and spiritual growth is a natural part of human development.

Now I realise when I say that, some people in the world are going to disagree with this concept… and I actually welcome your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

The reason, though, that I think people would disagree with this concept is because of the term I’m using: Spiritual.

This word means different things to different people, I get that. So, for clarity sake, I think it is important I define what I mean by the term spiritual before we continue on.

Here is my definition of the word spiritual, or spirituality:


“The recognition of ‘something’ bigger than yourself that you may not be able to quite explain or put your finger on… but that you can experience in some way if you are willing”

Would you agree with this term?


Lets Keep Spirituality Simple, Shall We?

Now, through out this website, I am going to do my very best not to talk about fanciful things and places beyond death and other such things. I’m going to keep this 100% grounded in either my experiences, things that just make sense to me or concepts that merge with the science we currently know.

There are enough blogs/articles/websites out there that talk about angels, heaven and hell, religious stories and other such things, but this isn’t that. If you do believe in these things, or in some way have experienced them, that is absolutely great! I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

I’m not going to say this or that about them, because in complete and utter honesty I genuinely have no idea if they exist or not, so I don’t want to talk about things that are currently not in my personal experience. Because, well, that amounts to me lying and that is not the intention of this website.

Again, this isn’t to offend or put anyone down about your beliefs, I just want to have a real, open discussions about things I can actually talk about because I’ve either experienced it, my perception has shifted into seeing it or its a daily thing for me. Fair?

If these things (angels etc) are in your experience, awesome! Let me know about them! Lets talk, please do comment!.. but as I say, to date, they are not in mine.


The Spiritual Dev Process

You are essentially going to get a window into my mind and being, and whatever comes out in these posts… comes out. When I sit down to write these, I sometimes have a plan about what Im going to say.. for example, I’ll have a title in mind, then ill just let it flow as I write. BUT a lot of the time, something will come to me and I’ll just be like ‘ooo I’ll write about that’, stop what I’m doing and pull the laptop out.

This is why your input is going to be very valuable as we travel down this path together as well! 🙂

So, in summary, I want to have open, real discussions about all topics around what I believe to be the very natural process for a human being of spiritual growth and spiritual development and would love your input, so please, please do comment and get involved!

Ill try and keep them somewhat short as well, so on that note… Ill stop it there and I hope you’ll come and join me in the next post. Topic: who knows! ha

If there is anything you want to discuss or want my opinion on, let me know in the comments as well and I will more than likely cover it! Lets build an open community that can talk about everything in an fair and loving way. How does that sound?

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Thanks again and I hope to speak to you all soon!
SP-Dev 🙂

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