Spiritual Growth: Are You Compartmentalising Your Life?

To enhance your spiritual growth, do not compartmentalise every aspect of your life. 

The more you divide yourself up internally, by saying things like: Spiritual Growth: Are You Compartmentalising Your Life?


‘I am only [this] kind of person’

‘I am from [here] so I must do this’

‘I am [this race] so I can’t be like that’

‘I am [this sex] so I must approach things in this way’


… the slower our spiritual growth will be and the slower we increase and develop this internal space.

When we talk about spiritual growth and spiritual development and growing this ‘internal space’, we are trying to come to a place of unity within ourselves and with our surroundings. This means that we have to start to let go of limiting concepts of ourselves.


Mental Concepts

They are just that, concepts. Concepts we have created in our minds. They are not the reality of who we are. We know these are only concepts because all its takes is for a person to be born in a specific country, race, gender, time in history, even town for us to have completely different outlooks on life.

Some of these outlooks are bound to be conflicting with others born in opposite conditions and environments, and because of this, all kinds of crazy and destructive things are happening around in our world. Would you agree?

Could you imagine if we all had the core value that we are exactly the same and it is only our environments that have shaped us differently?

Therefor, fighting each other based on these things and getting caught up in the psychological world they create are just completely non-productive and destructive? Can you imagine the things we could create together and for each other?


Continuing Your Spiritual Growth

If our goal is to increase this internal space, continue our spiritual growth and continue our spiritual development, the biggest step we can take today, from this moment on, is to become conscious of the compartments we have created in our own minds and lives. Throw them out bit by bit by not giving power to them and allow ourselves to step into anything that we really choose and feel to do. Regardless of if it is seen to be the ‘normal’ thing for us to do as ‘this’ person.

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