What Drives The Mind?

How does this relate to Spiritual Growth?

That is the question we are exploring today: ‘What Drive’s The Mind’. In line with our core idea that you deserve to feel secure and in control because its your life, if we can understand how to start to recondition ourselves to bring in only that which helps us move forward in our lives, we will continue to grow in a consistent way.

A good place to start this reconditioning is to start becoming consciously aware of how to maintain and build our ‘inner space’. It is probably no surprise at all that our mind plays a large part in this!

So, lets jump into it.

the three monkeys

The Bodies Natural Tools

The body has natural tools built in that help you survive and thrive in this life. One very important one, of course, is the mind but this cannot really work without the others.

What are the other tools I’m talking of?… Your 5 senses.

These are your primary survival tools that have been developing since the beginning of mankind with the sole purpose of keeping you alive.

Eyes for Sight, Ears for Sound, Nose for Smell, Mouth for Taste and Skin for Touch.


Processing AND ACCESSING Data 

These tools, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, continually stand guard looking outward into the world picking up data that helps you survive… and where do you think this data is fed to?… The mind.

You can view your mind like a big, very efficient and malleable, database.

Here’s the important part: The senses pick up ALOT of data that is continually fed into the mind, the mind then takes this data and stores it… all of it. Even stuff that you are not conscious of. It stores and sorts it and mulls over it in an attempt to make sense of it.

Still the important part: If a piece of data that comes in, say from your hand, is something that harmed the body, the mind remembers this and the next time this happens, or even seems like it could happen again, the mind will react in the best way it knows how to ensure the body stays safe.

I’m sure you have all had the the experience of burning yourself on something and then being cautious not to do it again, right? This is that process playing out.

Nearly there: How did your mind know how to react when this occurred? Well the first time it didn’t, thats why you burned yourself, but now it has that previously stored bit of data to use as precedent, it acts from this.

The final important bit here: So, that is all we are talking about here. The mind runs based on previously stored data that has been picked up from the tools that feed into it. The senses.

Take a moment to think about that. Think of all of your ideas, fears, dreams, habits etc, can you see how they are all created in this way?… and that its just patterns on top of patterns playing out based on what has been collected from your environment (through your tools, the senses) and how that was interpreted and experienced before?

Im sure you can see how this applies to all areas of life. When you get physically or emotionally hurt, you do not want to do that again. When you have always lived a certain way, its hard to change. When you’ve had a pleasant experience of something, you want to do it more, etc etc.

Its our natural, reactionary, mostly unconscious (in how it plays out) process.

Ok, so THAT (above) is what drives the mind, and ultimately… well… you.


What’s Your Point??

My point in this: If we know this is the process and this is what drives the mind, then all we need to do to begin to change the content of the mind, is control what our senses are subjected too.

the minds gatekeeper

Become YOur Minds GateKeeper

Practical Steps: Easier said then done, I know! But bit by bit, just start to become more conscious of what you are subjecting yourself too on a daily basis.

More specifically, become conscious of what you are watching, listening to, eating (yes, this does have an effect on your mind, but more on that in another post), smelling (this to has an effect on your mind) and touching (what you are engaging with regularly).

Based on where YOU say you want to go in your life…. because it is your life… tailor, as much as you can, what your mind is picking up through the senses so that it takes you further and further in the direction you have chosen.

Its a simple practice, but a powerful one.

It won’t happen over night, because many of us have been unconsciously subjecting our senses to any and everything for our entire lives, but it does work and it WILL change your minds content, I can attest to that. Just be consistent and determined in the practice <3



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Thanks for reading!


… and remember:


 Say to yourself everyday:

I AM secure and I AM in control…
‘Coz it’s My Life!



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