The Concept of Purification vs Sin

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This is an interesting subject that I wanted to address and to also get your thoughts on. purification v sin

‘Purification’ v ‘Sin’.

I thought this was interesting because some of the major arguments I have seen between those who are religious and those who are not, is this concept of ‘Sin’. The idea that before we have even been born, we are condemned to being born of sin. This doesn’t sit well for a lot of people as it implies that we have already done something wrong before we have had a chance to even function on this planet.

Personally, I look at this from a different perspective which is what I wanted to share with you today.

As you probably know by now if you have been reading my posts / listening to my audios, I am very much into meditation and focusing on the ‘inner space’ that we all have and how we can enhance this.

To give some context to what I’m about to say with regards to purification and sin, let me just start by talking about my view of consciousness.


My view on Consciousness

The way I see it, everything we do and everything we know and see, happens within consciousness. In science there is said to be an all pervading field (the Higgs field) that is in everything and everything that we know in this existence comes through it (it is actually said that all elements get their mass from this field). So without it, there would be no physical reality as we know it.

This, to me, is the conscious field, this is the origin of life, or what religious people call God. The place where religion separates from this field, in my eyes, is that religions, such as Christianity, talk of this field as ‘He’ who gets mad etc. Like it is a man in the sky saying what we can and can’t do an rewarding and condemning people based on those rules. Or at least, this is how many who follow the religion have interpreted it.

For more on the ‘rewarding’ and ‘condemning’ of god, I wrote an article on Karma which talks about how our personal and collective actions actually create these ‘rewards’ and ‘punishments’.

So, to me, consciousness, is the fundamental field of life, if you like. This is talked about in all of the ancient eastern traditions too and in all of the religious texts to some degree. Most state that ‘God’ is an all pervading force.


Purification vs Sin

So back to the concept of purification vs sin. For those who meditate and for those who practice yoga or those who know the Buddhist traditions and other such things, you will know that there is an understanding that the mind is what holds us back from being in a state of ease and happiness… And its not just an understanding, but when you practice these things, you experience it for yourself too, especially in meditation. Its moving out of the mind and our self-created reality and back to what has always been there. The sentence I’m about to say is current science: That it is a fundamental, all pervading field that has always been there since the birth of the universe and which all physical things arise from.


Sin, then, is anything that takes us away from this pure state of consciousness.


A state that is not shaped by the mind, but that is just experienced. Which is why all references to sin in Christianity is about doing things that ‘go against god’ which would make sense in terms of moving further away from this fundamental field as we continue to get tied up in the mind.

This would then mean that purification is the practice of continually moving back towards this field.

There are many methods to do this, but only really one path and that is to continue to move to a place where you are not in your mind and you are experiencing this field to a point where you finally reunite with this field absolutely, which is why it is called Yoga, which means union.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

SP Dev

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