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‘Sculpt The Life You Have Chosen’ ebook, What’s It All About?

This may be a weird way to start this blog post, but I want to start by saying that the new ebook ‘Sculpt The Life You Have Chosen: A Step-by-Step Guide’ is not a Sculpt The Life You Have Chosen Front ebook Coverspiritual book, its a personal development book.

The difference between the two is that spirituality to me is about the undoing of yourself, reducing the what you thought you were to return to what you are by your very nature. Personal development, to me, is about shaping and sculpting yourself and your mind into a better version of yourself.

Both can be apart of your growth, but this book focuses on the latter. It focuses on the mind and sculpting yourself into a person who knows how create what they want in this life.

It is available at:

The book talks about the principles and processes I personally follow on a daily basis and that can and will change your life for the better if you are committed to following them 100%.


Where did the inspiration come from?

So, when I was a bit younger (I’m 30 now), I was all over the place. I was confused when thinking about my future and just went with whatever came at me, which did not help at all! I did not know there was another way to.. do life.

I had no real understanding about the principles I am going to share with you and… to save you some time here… essentially nothing was happening for me!

This book is my practice put into words because it has helped me redirect and focus my life so much, and for these reasons it would have been a shame not to share it with everyone else too as I love the idea of ‘paying it forward’.

It actually started its life as a long list of bullet points that I started to use on a daily basis to help me. Over time I refined the list down (mainly because I couldn’t remember all of the points to follow everyday day! ha). I refined it and refined it to make the list as concise as possible until I had the points that are now the book.

I then realised, as it helped me so much, it could help a lot of other people too and I began to flesh out the points into chapters.

This book is the outcome of that process and, as I said, something I personally refer to every single day!



Well there are 6 main concepts and 3 qualities that are covered in the book. To have a better understanding of what these are, head over to the PersonalDevelopmentBook website and you can find that information on the front landing page.

Happy reading!




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