Faith, Yes. Blind Faith, No.

So, what is Faith?

Faith is defined as having a complete trust and confidence in something. Faith, Yes. Blind Faith, No | Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development

So, do we agree to achieve that which we have set out to achieve, we must have it?

I would definitely say so, would you?

Faith can be a tricky one for those who have no been very fortunate up until this point or have had bad experiences in their lives. Why 100% believe that something will go your way when it hasn’t up until now, right?

I fully understand where you are coming from and see why many might think this… but let us look at faith from a different perspective for a second.

In your day to day life, you probably actually have a lot of faith without evening realising it:


– You have faith you will put your clothes on the right way this morning

– You have faith you will have a clean shirt ready for you in the morning

– You have faith that there will be some toothpaste left in the tube for you to use

– You have faith your car will have petrol/diesel in it


… And so much more.



Why do you have faith in these things? Lets take, for instance, you having toothpaste in the morning.

It is because you made the necessary arrangements and took the necessary actions to ensure that was in place for you. That you have ‘faith’ it will be there.

Now in your mind, because of the work you put in before hand, you know that it should be there 100% because you created that situation. Of course, it could get stolen, it could split it some way and be wasted so you cannot use it, but there is nothing you can do about that, you did everything you could to ensure that you had toothpaste for the next day.

Your expectation of it being there is your faith.

This is not blind faith, you haven’t come home knowing that you have forgot to buy more toothpaste and now you are hoping/pleading that in the morning there will be toothpaste for you to use, no, if you haven’t done the necessary preparations, how can you expect there to be toothpaste there, right?

No, instead you make sure you have done what you can do to ensure the toothpaste is there tomorrow and then trust it will be as you thought. 

Be committed to preparing the right conditions and situations which will allow for the conditions to manifest, and then have a full trust that it will come to pass. 

This is the faith we are talking about and this is the faith you must have.

Quite clearly put: Without faith, you will not be able to achieve the things you want in your life.


Faith: The One Line You Need To Remember

Do the preparation and work needed on a daily basis towards that which you have set out to achieve. Always keep the end goal in sight and then trust wholeheartedly that it will be as you have believed. This is Faith.

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