Are We Complicating Life?

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QUESTION: ARE WE COMPLICATING OUR LIVES?Personal Development: Why do we complicate our lives?

The reason I ask this is because I have been running an inspirational / spiritual quotes page over the last few months called @spiritual_development_site on Instagram and whilst I have been doing this I have been interacting with a lot of people, visiting other pages, reading what everyone is posting and liking their posts and commenting on their content (which I genuinely like doing).

What I have noticed though is that we all (my self included) have so many ideas and concepts about what life is, how it works, what we should be doing, the way we should be living etc, that I think it shows that really we are all very much controlled by and live in our minds for the most part and consume so much content on a day to day basis, that there are just so many belief systems out there now about the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to live and it can be confusing.

I think, though, that if we really look at it and take a step back… Life is actually very simple. Life as a process. In terms of just existing here and in terms of creating what we want in life. The process is actually simple but we get bogged down in the details.

Why do we complicate it so much? Why are there so many conflicting concepts?

Over time, and the way I am living now, I have come to realise it can be very simple. There may be a lot going on around me and in my life, but within me its very simple to understand.

Here are my two thoughts on the inner and outer world as it were:



When you just sit still and close your eyes, maybe over time this is something that has to be cultivated, but you come to realise (like you can actually personally experience this, this is not just an idea) that the outer world, or the physical world that we interact with daily, is actually somewhat distant to what is here right now when you are in this space. I know its got names for it, people call it mindfulness, meditation, presence, whatever you want to call it… this space. There is definitely a difference between what is here right now to what is happening when you are thinking about things. That is my experience anyway.

When I am in this space, nothing external actually really matters. << This is not to get philosophical or anything, this is just how I feel.

I’m sure some might disagree with me here, but the worst we imagine is death, right, and concepts around coming to the end of what this is? This is what gets the mind active quite a bit, trying to avoid it… but as we do not know what comes after death, well I can’t remember experiencing it anyway, why are we scared of it?



Then there is pain. Now pain can be a problem, because that does disturb your inner space. I mean physical pain, psychological pain is mind created. I understand that this can get in the way, but that is down to how we identify with what ever happened that caused that pain. Which is why you can find people all over the world who have been in some really dark places psychologically and have brought themselves back out of it.

So I’m talking about physical pain, that is the only something in my experience we need to do something about to be able to stay in this space.

Think about people in really bad conditions. It’s pain that is the issue. You can see people happy when not having material things, because again that’s how you are identifying with the world, so that’s not the problem. As we said, people can still be happy after going through really bad emotional and mental experiences. It’s the physical pain. The pain from being starving hungry, the pain from disease, the pain from injury and violence.

What I’m saying is the main thing we need to account for when trying to come into this space, that once cultivated is reallly nice, is physical pain. Having food in your stomach, roof over your head (so your not cold, your not wet, your not being hit by the elements), everything else is an ambition. It’s a concept we have created that we need more. And there’s nothing wrong with extra, but its extra. I think if we can understand that, we can get into everything else with a kind of wonder and excitement of the experience to come. We don’t need it, but there is nothing wrong with having it at all.

Ok, so the inner world is simple. Essentially, do what you can to stay out of physical pain and just be with that inner space.



So, how do we get food in our stomach, how do we get a roof over our head and some basic comforts? Well, we can create those situation for ourselves, and the process by which we do that is simple too. The details can become more complicated, but the process is simple.


Now, if that plan can be automated, or so finely detailed that you can just look at it and follow it, then you can execute this like a robot. Yes, you will be putting in work, but psychologically and emotionally, you are not getting tied up in it.

This sounds morbid, but the worst that can happen is death, and as we do not know what happens after death, why are we so scared?

Again, I’m thinking about the worst case scenario of people being born in poor countries in really bad conditions. You’ll always find someone who started with nothing, had an idea, a goal and a plan and stayed consistent until they improved their conditions. Like those stories are there an have always been.

If you embody the idea that you have already achieved your goal, follow your plan ‘to a T’ and execute on it everyday, you’ll get there (unless your plan is flawed of course). If that’s the case, change the plan, there’s no issue with that, then again follow that one consistently. You can reiterate your plan from time to time if you know its not working, but other than that, just consistently and robotically follow your plan until you get there.

Doing this will get food in your stomach, it will get you a roof over your head and pretty much anything else you want in your life. Then once this is achieved, you can go back to your space. So, focus on that first. Make sure your basics are covered; a goal, a plan and consistent action to getting food, shelter, doing what you can to stay disease free and out of pain. Then with every moment you can, cultivate that inner space.



This, to me, is everything. This is life. Experiencing this world and what can be done whilst staying within a beautiful state within yourself. This space is not ‘boring’, it feels amazing to be there, like you just do not need anything else. Even as you go about your outer world plan, you can still be in this space all the time and keep things within yourself simple, and that’s regardless of if you have loads going on around you.

When you start thinking you are your work, this is where is gets tiring, this is where the problem comes in. When you identify yourself as the outward action you perform. Just stay in your space and follow your plan. This is how life should be. A happy, beautiful experience that you are creating in the world, not being driven around by. That you can dictate how you approach the outside world.

So, this is just my personal thoughts on that matter and I’d love to hear what you guys think. Sorry if that was somewhat confusing, but I was just speaking from the heart and somewhat from experience. Personally, I still want to create more in the outside world, and I have cultivated an inner space, but I want to deepen that even more and that is why I love the idea of going on a journey with you guys and discussing how we can do that.

So, as always guys, thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

SP Dev

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