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This post is related to spiritual development and spiritual growth because when we understand the process of how we work at a fundamental level, we can move into The Art of Giving and Receiving | Spiritual Growthfeeling secure and in control of our everyday lives bit by bit.

So, in this post we are going to cover the understanding behind why giving helps you to receive… and its based in some well known principles about the brain.

It is not a long post, so have a read all the way through and let us know what you think? Here goes…

First and foremost, and the most important part of this post:


The Brain Cannot Tell Reality from Imagination

We will look at a few examples from studies below, but the fact that the brain finds it hard to distinguish imagination from reality is the reason why things like visualisations work so well in changing our body chemistry and making us feel calmer, or how watching something can invoke the same feeling as going through it yourself (take for example, a sad movie), or have you ever had the experience of watching someone get stabbed on TV and then feeling that area of your own body feeling a bit weird, maybe you start to cover it with your own hand?

This is the reason for it. As far as your brain is concerned, at some level, you are going through it yourself.


Example Number 1:

Piano Brain Study | Spiritual Development and Spiritual Growth

A study was done that split two sets of people into two even groups. One was asked to learn a 5 finger, one-handed piano piece with a 2 hour practice for 5 days (the top two lines in the chart). The second group was asked to learn the piece but not to actually play it physically, just to play it mentally (the middle two lines) and then a control group was added (the bottom two lines).

As you can see, whilst not fully identical, the group that just imagined playing the piece had nearly just as much activation in the brain as those who actually played the piece. Concluding that imagining doing something and actually doing it have very similar effects in our brain.

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Example Number 2:

Another study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology by the University of Ohio took sets of 2 healthy people and wrapped their arms in casts for 11 minutes a day, five days a week, for 4 weeks.

One of the two in the sets were asked to perform mental imagery of strong muscle contractions, and the other group were told to do nothing. Apparently, at the end of four weeks, the people using the mental imagery were twice as strong as the ones that didn’t

Take this one as you will, did they start off the same strength? What other things were they doing during the times when they did not have the cast on? All of these could have been factors, but mentally imagery has long been used by athletes to enhance their workouts and performance.

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Back To Giving and Receiving

so this (example 2), with example one, and all the other studies out there does seem to show that the brain cannot tell the difference between reality and fake in many situations.

So, what does this have to do with giving and receiving? 

Take this into consideration… What you believe, is your reality. We have all probably heard of the law of attraction. This coupled with the fact the brain does not always know real from fake is a very powerful thing.

By imagining you are giving all the time (and actually doing it as well, remember the athletes who imagine AND physically do for peak performance), you will actually move further into the belief that you have a lot of this in your life in order to be able to give it.


The Art of Giving and Receiving 

If you want love, imagine yourself giving love (and physically give it as well), if you want money, imagine yourself giving it to people (and physically give it as well, however little).

This floods your brain with the idea that in order to give it you must already have it, which invites more of that, whatever it is that you want, to come into your life so you can continue the cycle.

This is also because when you fill your mind with something, you naturally start to act in a certain way and take on actions that lead you further in that direction. You see yourself as that person and naturally bring more of whatever it is you are constantly thinking about into your life.

So by imagining that you are giving, and physically performing the act of giving as well, you will indeed invite more of that thing you are imagining into your life.

I would love to get your opinions on this one and let us know about any practices you have around this?



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