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Why is Forgiveness Important?

This is just a short post this week. I wanted to talk about forgiveness and why it is important in your spiritual development and spiritual growth as a whole.  Firstly, this quote sums it up quite well:

Forgiveness and Spiritual Development and Spiritual Growth






This sums up one of the reasons we should let go of things/people that have hurt us in the past and embody forgiveness, because holding onto it is only hurting ourselves and restricting us from moving forward with our lives in the way we would like. 

The other reason we should embody forgiveness is because, when you think about it…

We are all still learning how to be human. When we entered into this life, we did not come with a ‘users manual’ of how to do everything perfectly, fAr from it.


As you are well aware, we learn and pick up things as we go.

The people guiding you from the time you were born, whether that was your parents, friends, teachers or people you looked up to in the world, are also learning as they go. So while they may have had the best intentions in guiding you, it was only in the ways that they themselves has been taught, shown or from their own experiences, which are shaped by their own beliefs and beliefs of people who taught them and so on and so forth.

What I’m trying to get at is that there is no right or wrong here, we are all learning and creating as we go. We all make mistakes. That person that hurt you or that misused your trust along the way, they too have grown up in the same way, learning from those before them (who, by definition, were not perfect).

Really think about this point, it has really helped me to embody forgiveness and have no lasting hard feeling towards anyone at all.

What is their back story? What experiences might they have been through that created the habit or attitude within them to do that to you? This, in some way, relates back to our last post on Karma. That you may have all the best intentions, but sometimes a decision can lead into other decisions, that turn into habits, that just continue to snowball and cause and effect continues on and on.

I heard this quote some where to:

“When you see the behaviour in yourself, that you blame in another… then you will soon be able to forgive and let go”


This quote has helped me tremendously. This is not to say you would have done exactly the same thing in their position, but once you see we are all human and we all get tied up in the psychological game of life and cause and effect, you can see how easy it is to make these mistakes, not treat people exactly the way they should be treated sometimes and get a little selfish sometimes too.

Keep the above quote fresh in your mind and let me know if it changes your perspective on things, because it really did change mine.

Forgive yourself and forgive others, because at the end of the day… we are all still learning to be human, no matter what your age.

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I was listing to “Gymnopedie No.1 – Erik Satie” on repeat whilst writing this post, enjoy <3

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