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The Concept of Purification vs Sin

This is an interesting subject that I wanted to address and to also get your thoughts on.  ‘Purification’ v ‘Sin’. I thought this was interesting because some of the major arguments I have seen between those who are religious and those who are not, is this concept of ‘Sin’. The idea that before we have […]

‘Sculpt The Life You Have Chosen’ ebook, What’s It All About?

This may be a weird way to start this blog post, but I want to start by saying that the new ebook ‘Sculpt The Life You Have Chosen: A Step-by-Step Guide’ is not a spiritual book, its a personal development book. The difference between the two is that spirituality to me is about the undoing of […]

Are We Complicating Life?

QUESTION: ARE WE COMPLICATING OUR LIVES? The reason I ask this is because I have been running an inspirational / spiritual quotes page over the last few months called @spiritual_development_site on Instagram and whilst I have been doing this I have been interacting with a lot of people, visiting other pages, reading what everyone is […]

Faith, Yes. Blind Faith, No.

So, what is Faith? Faith is defined as having a complete trust and confidence in something.  So, do we agree to achieve that which we have set out to achieve, we must have it? I would definitely say so, would you? Faith can be a tricky one for those who have no been very fortunate […]

The ART of Giving and Receiving | Spiritual Growth

This post is related to spiritual development and spiritual growth because when we understand the process of how we work at a fundamental level, we can move into feeling secure and in control of our everyday lives bit by bit. So, in this post we are going to cover the understanding behind why giving helps […]

What Drives The Mind?

How does this relate to Spiritual Growth? That is the question we are exploring today: ‘What Drive’s The Mind’. In line with our core idea that you deserve to feel secure and in control because its your life, if we can understand how to start to recondition ourselves to bring in only that which helps […]

Spiritual Growth: Are You Compartmentalising Your Life?

To enhance your spiritual growth, do not compartmentalise every aspect of your life.  The more you divide yourself up internally, by saying things like:    ‘I am only [this] kind of person’ ‘I am from [here] so I must do this’ ‘I am [this race] so I can’t be like that’ ‘I am [this sex] […]

Why Does ‘God’ Not Stop People From Suffering? | Spiritual Growth

How does this relate to spiritual development and spiritual growth? How does this relate to spiritual development and spiritual growth? Because I think its important we have a correct perspective on life as we go through it and not give away our own power of being able to create and make change. This is actually […]

Forgiveness: Because We’re All Learning to be Human | Spiritual Growth

Why is Forgiveness Important? This is just a short post this week. I wanted to talk about forgiveness and why it is important in your spiritual development and spiritual growth as a whole.  Firstly, this quote sums it up quite well:           This sums up one of the reasons we should […]

Karma Logically Explained

Karma. Let’s talk about it shall we? I think its important that we take concepts like ‘Karma’ and bring them back down to earth and explain them in a logical way, mainly just because of the way its referred to. When I hear people talking about Karma, it always seems as though there is some mystical […]