Spiritual Dev: ‘Coz It’s My Life

My blog Spiritual Dev: ‘Coz It’s My Life

The Spiritual Dev Message

We believe this…
We live by this…
We will continue to strive to ensure millions of you feel this…

The Name: Spiritual Dev

Our name ‘Spiritual Dev’ stands for ‘Spiritual Development’, because this is where the secure feeling should radiate from, not an external source.
The dictionary defines ‘secure’ as:


“fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost”


… and this is exactly what we must do. Not ‘give way’ to or ‘become lost’ in the external world or our psychological worlds we have created.

This is why you will see most of our content revolves around bringing spirituality back ‘down-to-earth’, because:


If it is outside of your understanding, it is outside of your control.
If it is outside of your control, how can this equal being secure?


Granted, there are things that are genuinely out of our control, but there is enough that we can bring into our conscious awareness to reach a state where we feel secure and in control within ourselves in ANY situation.

As Spiritual Dev Progresses…

As we develop, you will see this message of ‘feeling secure’ play a large part in the things we get involved with, the content we deliver and everything else that we do.

From feeling secure and in control, pours out everything else.

You are not afraid to try whatever life brings, you can walk into any situation confidently, and if you are not lost in your mind or the external world, you are naturally healthy and happy.

A focused, controlled and secure internal space can create many miracles in your life, so why not let it?

Say to yourself everyday:

I AM secure and I AM in control…
‘Coz it’s My Life!